Rightlander launches monitoring tool for Telegram

Rightlander.com has launched a new monitoring tool for Telegram in response to more affiliates using the social media and messaging app to promote operators’ brands.

According to Rightlander, it has received client requests concerning the app’s usage by their marketing partners, and launched the Rightlander Telegram Monitoring tool “to help operators crack down on non-compliant affiliates.”

This new offering is designed to automate correspondence analysis across both public and closed Telegram channels, and represents an extension of Rightlander’s existing service.

The company monitors marketing affiliate’s messaging across various platforms to ensure regulatory compliance, notifying operators when their partners are talking about their brand. With its new tool, this same service will be available for Telegram.

Text, affiliate links or emojis will be detected, said Rightlander, with matching Telegrams made available to operators through a “Compliance Workbench.”

The Telegram Monitoring tool is currently set up for Brazilian, Columbian, Spanish, Italian and Romanian markets, but Rightlander said it can be configured for most countries as required.

“Affiliates have been getting ever more resourceful as they deal with stricter regulation and the consolidation of larger affiliates through M&A,” said Ian Sims, Rightlander.com’s Founder.

“One of the key regulatory requirements placed on operators is to know their sources of traffic, and this is ultimately why so many top operators use Rightlander.

“Adding Telegram to our affiliate compliance monitoring is just the latest development in an ongoing process to help companies avoid regulatory penalties and protect their brand’s reputation.”

While Telegram was created in 2013, its usage has skyrocketed in recent years, being seen as a more secure alternative to other social media and messaging apps.


Author: Ralph Day